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About Shamisen
A professional favorite Shamisen that made from superior materials.

The Shamisen is a traditional stringed instrument of Japan.
It originates from a Chinese three-stringed instrument, and it spread to Ryukyu in the 15-16 century.
The Shamisen is played with a plectrum(Bachi) .
The body was made from the skin of animals and the long neck(Sao) was made form wood.
It is necessary for traditional performing arts of Japan such as Kabuki etc.
There are various types of Shamisen.
Recently, Shamisen has been used for other music, jazz and rock etc.
It is a popular musical instruments among the young people.
Shamisen is made by skilled master craftsmen's by hand.
A lot of master craftsman live in Katsushika-ward, because Katsushika-ward is near the geisha district and Kabukiza.
The Shamisen for professional use is rarely sold overseas.
Please take advantage of special opportunity.
About Kimiaki Kouno
Born in 1958 in Tokyo(Taito ward).
In 1984 after graduating from university, he went on to begin intensive manufacturing of Shamisen studies with Kouji Hoshino.
In 1991 Certified as a Master of Tokyo Shamisen, and started his own company in Katsushika.
He is the only person who makes all parts of Shamisen by himself in Katsushika.
The Shamisen he makes are used extensively by a number of professional musicians.
In 2003 Certified as the master of traditional craftsman by Katsushika Ward Office.
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