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In the Sengoku period(the age of civil wars A.C.15), when the craftsmen such as swordsmith were at its peak of prosperity.

But,in the Edo period, the country became peaceful,the sword had become unnecessary.
Many of the swordsmiths have started to make tools for dayly commodities instead of swords.

As a result, people became better off.
Those skills which have been cultivated throughout history are being passed down today.
We call them "Edo Uchi Hamono". Genuine Method doesn't use any the machine.

About muneaki yaegashi

"By smith forging and repeated tempering, we make a hard and strong steel with which to fashion a sharp blade"
1972:Started Learning Blade manufactureing from his father.Muneaki Yegashi III
2008:Certified Master of Traditional Crafts by Katsuhika Ward.

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