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It is said that the history of moku-chokoku began in the Asuka period (sixth century). When Buddihism was introduced to Japan, Moku-chokoku is the skillof Buddhist image carving.
In the Muromachi Period(1336-1573), Zen Buddhism which doesn't need Buddhist image became widespread among the people.Along with it, moku-chokoku developed to accommodate the architectural sculptures
The beautifully-sculptured columns and fanlights of the shrine Tosho-gu, a World Heritage Site, were carved by craftsman in the Edo period. World-renowned craftsman "Hidari Jingoro" was one of them.
In the Meiji period, decorative carvings expanded to ornament such objects as household furniture.
Only a chisel and knife is used to produce these works.

About Tadashi Shiota

Tadashi Shiota

Born in 1941 in Katsushika ward.
At the age of 17, He studied with Kouichi Matsumoto(Master of Sukashi-Bori).
At the age of 27,He started his own company in Katsushika.
In 2002 He was certified as the master of traditional craftsman by Katsushika Ward Office.

Tadashi Shiota
Tadashi Shiota

Tadashi Shiota
Tadashi Shiota

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