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About Edo Sekky Ningyo
What is the traditional Japanese craft ,"Edo Sekku Ningyo"?
The Edo Sekku Ningyo is a doll for seasonal festivals made of traditional materials, using the specifig art and techniques used in succession for more than a hundred years.
At present, there are two main types of Japanese seasonal festival dolls; "Doll" and "Armor", but both fo them are basically made by doll artisans.
"Doll"  are broadly categorized as Hina doll, Gogatsu doll, Fuzoku doll, Gosho doll and Ichimatsu doll. Each has their own long history, and their fabrication processes and designs are defferent.
This time We will sell Ichimatsu doll, Fuzoku doll(oyama doll).
Ichimatsu dolls require a skilled tecnique which finished even their torsos with whiting. Fuzoku doll was created based on various subjects including young boys or hostesses in merchant families.
They became popular in the late Edo era, and have been familiar as ornaments or toys ever since.

We will also sell typical "Armor" for Sekku.
Sekku is the Boy's Festival, whose history dates back to before the 8th century Nara era.
As a document in the Kamakura era(late 1100s to early 1300c) recording the Boy's Festival had the word "Kabuto" for helmet,so it is clear that the armor somehow had something to do with the festival ornaments of those days.
When it comes to the late Edo era, armor ornaments which look almost the same as the current ones were made and set up in the house. Soon the same materials or fabrication methods as real armor were applied to the Armor, establishing its originality.Even now, we continue to focus on making genuine ones through a great deal of study and discipline.

About Yukio Kikuchi

Born in 1957 in Katsushika.
In 1898 Kichigoro Kikuchi started his company "Sho-Giku".
Yukio Kikuchi is a third generation of Sho-Giku.
After graduating from high school, he went on to study with his father, Sadakichi Kikuch(Sho-Giku II).
15 years later, he mastered nearly all of the manufactureing process of Japanese dolls.
and, he is certified as a Tokyo Traditional Craftsman by Tokyo metropolitan government.
In 2000 Certified as a Traditional Craftsman  by the Japanese government.

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