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About Scrub Brush Tawashi
Tawashi(Scrub Brush) is environmentally friendly convenience goods invented by Japanese.
It has a long history of use for kitchenware.
In Japan,every one knows Tawashi and almost family has it in kitchen,and it's especially important for the sheff of Japanese food.
Of course,It's not only for Kitchen,many possible to uses. The materials of Tawashi are Palm, HempPalm(syuro),Hemp and etc.
Among them, HempPalm fibers is very precious because of the amount of this is decreasing every year.
 it is incredibly strong,durable,and soft compared to other fibers.
Please give it a try.
About Kimiaki Kouno
Born in 1946 in Tokyo(Katsuhika ward).
In 1966 after graduating from highschool, he became a pupil of his father.
In 1975 He was invited to Sri Lanka,and teach the people how to make Tawashi. Still now, Tawashi is the major industries in Sri Lanka.
In 2000 Certified as the master of traditional craftsman by Katsushika Ward Office.
[The right side is Sagara's Tawashi(high density)]

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