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About Inden

Inden is a Japanese traditional handicraft that is a printed deerskin by URUSHI(Japanese lacquer).This technique is said to have come from India during the Heian era (794-1192).
At first, They have been made in the Koshu region(the present Yamanashi pref).This area is blessed with a good natural environment for maiking them. Since then,It has developed an original style in Japan.
In the beginning of manufacturing process, Craftsman carefully select Deer skin, and tan it as smooth the surface as possible. This process is so important that it takes very long times.
Next step is "ZUBUZOME". It is Japanese dyeing technique. This technique can dye the hide deeply and supple it. "ZUBUZOME" provide beautiful texture and feel.
Next step is“Urushituke. The stencil which made of fine Japanese paper with hand-curved patterns is laid on the dyed hide and URUSHI is forced through the stencil with a spatula.
URUSHI become hard and tough when dried perfectly, but it takes more than two days.
After that, It make various itemes such as bags, purses or wallets.
In ancient times Inden has been used for the parts of armor  because of it's toughness and lightness.
In the Edo Period, Inden make into various things such as bags,purse,wallets and so on.

About Inden Yabe

Born in 1943 in Katsushika.
In 1966 He went on to begin studies with his father.
IndenYabe have been a manufacturer of Inden for more than 80 years.
In 1999 Certified as the master of traditional craftsman by Katsushika Ward Office.

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