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About Edo Osihie Hagoita (Decorative Battledore)

On Dec.17-19 at the end of each year, the Hagoita(battledore) fair is held at Sensoji Temple in Asakusa.
Hagoita is a lucky charm against bad luck of the next year, so The Hagoita fair becomes crowded with handreds of thousands of people shopping for them.
Hagoita are used as effigy to rid people of misfortune and disease, but if you don't need it, give it to someone else.
In Japan, Old Hagoitas are taken to shrines and burned. It's called "Otakiage".

Originally, Hagoita was not a toy, but it was used as an amulet or a tool of fortune-telling at shrines.
The Hagoita game is similar to badminton. We call it "Hanetsuki", Hanetsuki use a small ball of wood with feathers attached instead of a shuttlecock.
That ball is a seed of the Mukuroji tree. Mukuroji means children's health.
That is why many people buy or give it and pray for the health of their children.
The origin of Hagoita dates back to the beginning of the Edo period.
In the middle of the Edo period, there appeared the Kabuki Hagoita, and it was very popular.
This item made by Minamikawa doll factory.
They have been in business for 80 years based in Katsushika,Tokyo.
Please read below about their profile.

About Minamikawa Doll Factory

Mr.Rokusaburo Minamikawa, the founder of Minamikawa doll factory, started his factory at Sumida Ward in the Taisyo period.
After the war, He moved to Katsushika Ward.
Since then, his works were came to the front.
Minamikawa doll factory has been picked up by the media as a well-established factory. Now, many people from home and abroad come to visit the factory.
The Hagoitas mady by Minamikawa doll factory have been designated as traditional arts by The Tokyo Metropolitan Government.

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