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About Edo Yuzen

Etching technology was intoroduced to Japan in the end of 18th century. Ukiyoe artist SHIBA KOKAN used this technology in his work. It made it spreaded the contry. Buddhist painting is any painting concerning Buddhism in a broad sense, but It is principally an item that used on Buddhist rite, MANDARA is typical. It is said that real Buddhist painting is filled to the brim with a divine grace.

About tomiharu yanagi

Mr.Yanagi is a pioneer of the Buddhist painting by etching. His works has been highly regarded in Japan. He has also known as a Meister who repairs the national treasures "KOJIMA KONGOUKAI MANDARA","KOJIMA TAIZOUKAI MANDARA".
His works were dedicated many temples in Japan.

1998: Certified Master of Traditional Crafts by Katsuhika Ward.
2010:Received Tokyo Governor's Award for Outstanding Skill(Tokyo Myster)
2012:Received Master Craftsman Award(Greaat Craftsman in the Present World) by The Minister of the Minister of Health, Labour and Welfare.
2017:Received Medal with Yellow Ribbon.

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