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Noh Mask Japanese Ko-omote Nogaku

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Noh Mask Japanese Ko-omote Nogaku

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$ 4,000
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$ 3,100
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[ Item specifics ]
Conditions NEW
Material(Mask) : Japanese cypress
Material(Box) : Japanese Paulownia

[ Included things ]
mask pouch.

[ Dimensions ]
approximate size
width  10.6"(27cm) x 7.8"(20cm)
height 3.9"(10cm)
This is a kind of Noh masks, "Ko-Omote".
Noh, or Nogaku is the oldest dramatic art in Japan, having originally developed in the 14th century.
There exist about 250 noh plays, which are grouped roughly into five main classifications according to subject matter. These five classifications are shin (God), nan (man), nyo (woman), kyo (madness), and ki (demon).
This mask(Ko-Omote) represent a very young, and pretty woman. It is well known in Japan as a female Noh mask.
"Ko" means small. "Omote" means face.

This mask made by Hideta Kitazawa.
His work was recognized by living national treasure Manzou Nomura of The Nomura House of Kyogen. From that time he became.

This mask was designed for the purpose of actual use in professional Noh theatre. So, It needs careful handling.
This mask painted with Japanese traditional pigments(water colors). and so, you have to hold the holes that has one on each side when you pick up the mask.
Please keep the mask in a moist area and avoid excessive sunlight exposure.
This mask is infinitely durable(more than 700 years) as long as you keep it carefully.

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