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TSUGARU Shamisen(Ayasugi) with FREE Hard case

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TSUGARU Shamisen(Ayasugi) with FREE Hard case

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$ 5,000
Sales price:
$ 4,000
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Silver Ware

This is a Tugaru Shamisen.
The main feature of Tugaru Shamisen is thickness of the neck.
Shamisen roughly devided into 3 types of neck. Tsugaru shamisen is a thickest one.
Ayasugi is the name of carving method(Inside of body).
AyasugiBori is the formal name.
This item made of Kouki(Head & Neck:Redsander Wood) & Karin(Body:Pashu Padauk, New Guinea Rosewood).
Kouki is the best material to make a shamisen neck(Sao) because of its high density and solidness. This beautiful grain pattern is the proof of the highest grade.
Both sides of the skin is are animal skin.

This item made by Kimiaki Kohno(Kikuoka).
"Kikuoka" is his professional name.
He is widely known a maker of Shamisen and all parts are hand made.
Please read below about his profile.

Of course, We are willing to help our customers as far as possible.
If you have any questions about this item, please feel free to inquire.

This Tsugaru Shamisen's Dou hasn't skins.
Of course, this prices include shamisen skins and operation cost.
if you buy this, Kikuoka perform the operation before delivery.

[ Item specifics ]
Conditions: New

[ Included things ]
Shamisen x 1
Koma(bridge) x 1
If you buy this, give for free used hard case!

[ Dimensions ]
Shipping BOX size
width 12.2"(31cm)
height 42.5"(108cm)
depth 6.2"(16cm)

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