Katsushika Traditional Crafts Association

Shipping and legal information

Distributor Katsushika Traditional Arts & Crafts Association
Operation director Kouzou Yada
Address 1240012
7-316 TateishiKatsuhika ,Tokyo
Phone number 03-5671-8288
Fax number 03-5671-8288
E-mail address shop@syokuninkai.com
URL https://www.syokuninkai.com/en/html
Other expenses *Shipping Fee only
Order method We are able to ship to overseas from Japan.
Please order from this website.
Payment method We accept payments by credit card and PayPal.
Payment deadline Payment shall be made within 7 days after your order.
Delivery period Usually the item will be shipped within 7-14 days.
But,it depends on the items.
In that case, we will notice you by e-mail.
Returns and exchanges If you are dissatisfied with you purchase for any reason, you may return your item to us within 14 days and receive either a refund or a replacement item.
Please notify us immediately by e-mail.
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