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Store name Japan Traditional Arts & Crafts of Katsushika
Company name Katsushika Traditional Arts & Crafts Association
Location 1240012
Phone number 03-5671-8288
Fax number 03-5671-8288
E-mail address shop@syokuninkai.com
Business hours 11:00-18:00

Thank you for visiting our store.
This store is managed by Katsushika Traditional Crafts Association (KTCA) in Katsushika ward which is located in eastern Tokyo.  This area has a reputation for producing many leading traditional master craftsman.
In 1991, the KTCA was officially authorized by the Katsushika ward local Government to develop the traditional craft industry.  The current membership of the association is more than 30 master craftsman including living National Treasures.
This store was founded with the aim of introducing Japanese traditional crafts and culture to the world.  All goods are made by award winning master craftsman and all goods are guaranteed as genuine by Katsushika ward Government.  Because the goods are so rare and wonderful, even people living in Japan sometimes find it difficult to obtain them.
If you have any inquires or requests, please contact us anytime.  Now, enjoy guaranteed safe, shopping.
Dentosangyokan Katsushika Dento Sangyo Kan
(Musium & Shop)
7-3-16 Tateishi
Katsushika Ward, Tokyo
124-0024 JAPAN
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